Jake the Doggy: Born Leader

As many of you have surely noticed from my pictures on this site, I'm what they call a born leader. I think it's time I shared my wit, inspiration and natural ability with the rest of the world. So my first choice of positions would be: Sovereign Ruler of the Planet Earth. One world, one Dog! (It is no coincidence that "dog" is "god" spelled backwards.)

But they say politics is a dog-eat-dog business (btw, I am totally down with that) so I guess I'd take a lesser position, as a stepping-stone. I heard someone refer to that George Dubya guy as the "PresDog" - man what a poser! I could do his job with a wag of my tail, so if you want to write me in for "PresDog" that'd be cool.

In fact, feel free to write me in for any position that involves copious amounts of unconstrained power... and any campaigning you may wish to do [at your own expense, of course]...

If you're wondering just how well I can handle pressure, consider this: I am a member of the most diverse species on the entire planet -- The Most Diverse, got that? Need I say more?