Jake at Work

Jake is a highly intelligent and dedicated work animal, who's duties include rendering assistance, and providing services that substantially contribute to the ongoing stability and wellness of those under his care.

Jake offers a wide range of capabilities that's unrivaled by dogs of any size, but his creativity, and his good old-fashioned common sense are what truly set him apart from attendants and caretakers of any species.

His quiet resolve, his calm presence of mind, and his engaging sense of humor make him an ideal service provider, and a wonderful companion. When the undeniably high quality of his work is factored-in, the value of his role here becomes impossible to argue, it cannot be refuted.

It might not be impossible for those he so selflessly serves to struggle-on without him, but he's such an asset in his current role that there's absolutely no question: his absense would cause grave hardship, at minimum! No question at all.

As such we hereby certify and endorse the services and benefits Jake provides in his current role, and declare his presence in this capacity to be of medical necessity, to those for whom he works.