In Loving Memory of Jake the Doggy
Born: circa 1995
Died: October 11, 2010

On a warm and windy Monday morning, at 9:10 AM, I took my best friend in the world to his final vet appointment. Scheduling the visit, through my sobs and tears wasn't easy, but harder by far it was to watch his condition worsening by the minute, all weekend long.

I loved him dearly, with all my heart, the mere thought of his passing filled me with sadness beyond words... But I didn't want him to hurt any more. Out of all my thoughts and emotions, that was most important.

So I asked Jake's vet to end his pain. Now I must somehow deal with mine. The world is a darker place without him in it, and now I must find my way through it alone. Where ever in it might I find joy? I can't imagine where to start to look.

To be sure I saw this coming from a million miles away, like a run-away freight train headed my way. With every passing day Jake and I became a little bit closer. Yet all the while his parting was inevitable, I could feel the ground tremble from that train of sorrow pounding its way to the end of the track.

But I couldn't get out of the way, it never even occurred to me to try. When you find a friend so true, there's no turning back, you must stay with him to the end. Summoning the strength to move on, figuring out how to pick up the pieces of yourself that are left, comes only after that...

Those pieces I see don't seem to amount to much now, they are incomplete, but regardless, I have no regrets, I cherish the time we had together, and I treasure all of the wonderful memories we shared. As much as it hurts to lose him, I'd do it all over again without hesitation; I wouldn't change a thing.

And so Jake, my small friend, your days to walk this corporeal plane, side by side with your loving daddy, have come and gone. I know it makes you sad, it makes me sad too, little boy. Don't be afraid. But before you go, please know that in your life you were loved so much. You made a difference. I will never forget you. You will always be in my heart.

And one more thing, as your eyes slowly close for the very last time... If there is anything beyond this life as we have known it, I know I'll find you there, waiting patiently for me when I arrive. Then you'll be by my side forever. (You may have to pull a few strings to sneak me in -- If anyone can do it, it's you.)

I guess the only thing left to say, as tears fill my eyes, and eternal sleep takes you from me... It's ok Little Dog, daddy loves you... You're a good boy, Jake! Farewell, my best of friends, farewell.

©2010 Mark J. McGinty, All Rights Reserved